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Meet Your Team, Chris + Carmen

Carmen and Chris Demske have been owners and operators of Sports Kick for over 20 years.

Whether your goal is a fitness competition or living a healthier lifestyle Sports Kick has helped many people to reach those goals throughout their business journey.
Carmen and Chris not only teach how to diet healthy and exercise but they live it everyday. By leading by example it is easier for clients to work hard on their goals. When seeing is believing that is proof that hard work and commitment can move you into a positive direction. Their approach is to make fitness and diet a way of life instead of something to dread everyday.

Your Coaches are trained and certified in these specialties including, ISSA Elite Trainer, strength and conditioning, sports nutrition, personal training, Gravity Yoga, Pilates, Barre, Kettlebell, Muay Thai Boxing and Mobility and Functional Fitness.

Personal Training & Group Classes

First of all, thank you for visiting.  We are excited to help you with your fitness needs.  We know that fitness and nutrition can be difficult for all of us.  Let us support you where you need it most and help you with life changes to make your life easier, more manageable and successful.  

We pride ourselves in delivering great training, positive vibes in our rustic gym environment.  Below is where you get started.  Whether you want personal training or group classes we are happy to get you on your track to looking and feeling your best.  Make an appointment today for one on one training or reserve a spot in a group class. 



We offer the following modes of training:
strength and conditioning
-Muay Thai Boxing
-mobility, functional fitness
-Gravity yoga

All our sessions are in 30 minute increments. Longer sessions are available at an additional cost.

One session weekly (30 min) – $60
Two sessions weekly (30 min) – $50 each
Three sessions weekly (30 min) – $40 each

Group Classes

Cardio Pilates
Tuesday & Friday @ 8:30am
Reservations are required

Club Class
Monday, Wednesday, Friday
Reservations are required



Having trouble figuring out what is best for you in the way of nutrition.  We can help you.  We offer nutritional counseling in 30 minute increments via in person, zoom or phone.  So no matter where you live we can still help you achieve your nutritional goals.

If you are local to us you are in luck and can do our Resting Metabolic Rate Test.  This is a breathing test that is done fasted.  It gathers your personal information through oxygen uptake which tells us how many calories your body utilizes at rest and during your workout.  No more guessing on your calorie intake.  This is valuable information for your success on reducing body fat and increasing muscle mass.

Whether you just need to talk to us about your nutrition or you need more stats about your own body we are here for you.

Resting Metabolic Rate Test Only 

$105 (30 minutes)

Resting Metabolic Rate Test with interpretation and macro counseling 

$199 (60 minutes)

Nutritional Counseling via Zoom, Phone or In person

$60 (30 minutes)


Recover must faster with the following option at Sports Kick:
Cold Plunge
Red Light Therapy

Both of these services reduce inflammation, increase immunity, help with weight control, increase sleep performance, help with injury repair and reduce chronic pain just to name a few.

Both services are in 15 minute session.

Each session is $30 during gym hours
After hours sessions are available on request

What Our Customers Are Saying


Carmen is Sports Kick. Yes, it’s a gym…..lots of great equipment and space but she makes the experience. I do one on one training with her 5-6 days a week. She pushes me hard but not to the point that I don’t enjoy it….I actually love it! I’ve been with her for 4 years and I am the strongest and most fit at 58 than I have ever been! Not only does she write goal oriented workouts(I play tennis too) but she is a plethora of knowledge when it comes to nutrition. Sports Kick is the whole package

Stacy Perry


I love Sports Kick! Carmen and Chris are the best trainers. They are extremely knowledgeable in every aspect of fitness, recovery, nutrition and so much more. They make it all make sense so it is easier than you ever imagined to achieve your goals. They make it a joy to work out. They are the nicest, most fun people and they give back to their community with fun events. There is always something new happening or being offered. You will want to keep coming back. I have far exceeded the goals I came in with over 12 years ago. It is always fun and exciting to see what they have in store for us next. I recently started the Cold Plunge and Red Light Therapy and love them both.

Lori Bailey


Absolutely love this gym!!!! I 10/10 recommend to everybody!!!! This gym has turned more into family than anything! From the atmosphere and the people this place makes me feel welcomed and comfortable!!

Roger Atkins


“Carmen is amazing, she knows how to motivate you and help you get your goals! I really recommend her!”

Clau Schwartz

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